Angel Wings (Vs. Rae & Christian)

from by Polka Glocks

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(Davy) electric kids broke her
she was gone with the sunset
dusty rose lips
old kisses on faded photo
deco lines glimpsed
she was still solo
kept a jar of angel wings
sitting on the desk
who were the anchors?
slipped under mist
lost under wave
gone and long missed
what was that page
flipped with a twist
old cracked paper
tightly packed text
chimes from the clapper
lovely still years
lonely diamond tears
the streetlights whisper
about the ghost of young lovers
over dry leaves
at sunset
in the park by the river
the tree on the bank is framed by blue sky
if you could fly
you'd see
about fifty feet high
her name
with the name of her guy
he died at sea back in 49
sle clutches his letter
in her bed
in a room
of sweet pine
dark curtains drawn
against the sunshine
she sent hope on alone
and stayed behind with echoes
only she knows
if she still feels him close
but she shudders at midnight
under moonlight

(Jess) those who try to hold on to the finer things
the're gone
like the magic of angel wings
done to shine I hear no rhymes no more they sing
fallen is the magic of angel wings

(Jason S) I got a jar full of angel wings
And butterfly things
Electric zips and pings
Like snow in the spring
Melted lace
Who’s body walks with no face
Im covered with holiness and grace
Flying straight out of this place
Rockets into outer space
In love with heavens disgrace
My fallen mate
We stroll gorilla fate
Don the ninja counterfeiter
Transform magical shapeshifter
Samurai sword lifter
Cosmonaut space drifter
I'm a a high plains invader
An angelic wing saver
Glistening melting glacier
Receded red laser
Life works in the mystery of suns liquid blazer
This Time shifter Adorned with translucent glitter
Sits in my jar with angel wings
those who try to hold on to the finer things
the're gone
like the magic of angel wings


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011
I made this beat from a sample of a song called "bacalau" by the band "rae & christian" and I just DID it, I didn't ask them, so, if they say "take this down" , I totally will at once. Made with love. They are old school legend status so, respect, and, the beat was irresistible...



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Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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