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Rocket rickshaw 23 claw
we three be lost in the ole dream law
chasing monsters over frozen grasslands
brass bands glass glands superfriends doin handstands
pretty hair wrapped up in headband
look out beyond she said over yon pointy peak
there be frost weave equipped cloven hoofed freaks
and lizard monsters with frightful beaks
now here no choice but spoofed
rhyme time slow cooked
slow basted well tasted but reserved, aloof
perceive the attacked
victims of dem crimes
like bites takin out of the rotted lime
Easy breezy butterfly
deep colors seen or flash light speed by
the thought is born that we aint in control
the world moves on with or without these roles
flights of fancy in polka Glock souls
A group of dreamers with extra high goals
It saddens some to even try to seek truth
taints the guy with the plain eyed sooth
yet knowing is the better half of pain
origins are fruitless
yet all the gain all the same
my past is struggle my future is bosom huddled
manifestation of my complex mind
yearning for the days of simpler times
dragged through the muck of trusty beer Stein
mystical dimension is it true can you gloam
my exact intentions from the quantum foam?
luminous extension so pretty to my eye
symphonic apprehension teach me to fly?
monster monster beyond yonder wall who is the freshest cracker of them all?
if I do it better will the record man call?
will the summit show the fall? w
ill the cloudy rain help the stall?
we've seen the better part of the tracks of it all
rhythmic scene detention
stuck right quick on our own pretension
we beat it bloody but it snapped to attention we starved it mighty but it thrived beyond comprehension
it spent like a pension


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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