Happy Was a Simple Man

from by Polka Glocks

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happy was a simple man
didn't fuck around
with things that broke like glass
stuck instead
to the ships mast
fortunes cast
bells of brass
solid clapper met thin air
no time for debonair
when inspecting
substances down to their base note
close to their dust mote
read between lines but mostly felt
the lamps shine
a man out of time presented to decades that need him not
he slips back on the surplus cot
sipping soup from the thermos hot
there was a morning once that had him taught
of a distant babbling brook
whereupon relief and solace could be took
the teacher bid them off with declining voice
as the scratchy static lent magic touch
they slept the sleep of those with no choice
safe for the last time in the guarded clutch
sentries of unfailing eye watching the brood
bound to dissolve into all directions found
shorn of the cradles shield some barely born
before sliding into shadow or choosing lives foresworn
dipping into danger and falling beyond mourned
fading into the grey that swallows worlds full of ones
and takes them and their suns
rakes them across all distance til
they refract naught and remember nil
under such a scope our man
hid unknowing of doing any such thing
his thoughts drawn to spring
the spring on the branch and the spring in his step
the leaf on the vine
and its easily torn tip
the swing off the line
and the gun on his hip
under the cover of clouds obscuring
the scale of his size to the sum of the matter
his view smaller distracting to not crush him with weight lest he get yet flatter
and lose his shape altogether
the crux of his temper
was mettle under pressure
but soft when the going
was less than hard
this lack of clout bothered him none
he floated as the cloud
carried spore
rainy seed
the path was his home
eyed him with greed
it drained him to run the one way track
he gifted his breath hoping to feel it back
a chance is enough to quell the waver
steady as she goes, happy, a steady hand will save her
take this old ship on back to port
hold it on the line when you go past the fort
enemy fire will find you like searchers
steel yourself forward when you hear the retorts
the generals are waiting for front line reports
tell them its blazing infernos of fire scourging
sell them on the need for quick reinforcement
tell them we need alchemists for learned metallurging
grow to glow like the stars in the firmament
tell them smiths and ore for the forging
so we may know the joys of dangerous armament
fire in our folly the toys of boys scouring
the imagined regiments
dependable hives
defensible lives
we shake off the husks of spent lives
dawn to dusk moves as a flickering light
less the night spent sleeping
dreams worth keeping as tokens or tickets
stick its meaning in a book of pages remembered as turned
flick its remaining embers as ashes burned
read its intentions as behavior learned
regard its advances as a love embrace spurned
face its desires as what has been yearned
space its fires as messages upturned
smoke to the signaled
wave as it churns
on bending breeze distant
on squandered thought spent
on shining empty nothings
disappointments un-pent


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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