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smoky time magic carpet ride nick of time
stupid lifelike apparitions
been slingin bits of static
methods required
fix my graphics tell it like it is
underpaid job propaganda bitches
this shit got be doubled up in stitches
glitches in the forecast for the forseeable horizon
clouds of pourin down rain awash in seas of pain
we gain
from herbals release a dose a chill
fuck your fuckin pill
rich cats its all scam
flim flam
our shit grews like yams
pleasure waves
its a fucking choky cave
serenity bliss bitch
we's away on that high shit
that fly shit
biscuit hit lizard lips
pass that god damn drank puffin please stuffin cheeze in the polka glock bank
we give thanks
we choose against shanks
smoke spliffs to shabba ranks
tougher than tanks
we close ranks
in a circle split
in the cipher tyryin to spit
live like caliphs of mean green gleams
emerald isles in my eyes I got spies
tracking your location
beautiful girl mary jade was miss jane
like deep sea foam against alabaster skin
she was a delicious swim
mermaid forbidden come unhidden at my biddin
try me on for size and purge this venom
by regular old monkeys
unawares they dont know about lifted
Im fucking gifted
Im fucking lucky
shit's been ducky


Hit this train to the north wood
right past the science of underground hood
energy blast
8 letters you can't miss
add 15
23 dis
2 times 3 fizzy hiss
engage star fusion
engine illusion
detach booster
feed the rooster
right side boozer
butternut baste up
pantie gooser
Android Please remember
Walk backwards and hit return to sender
etch this bitch
drinking schlitz
hand clenched on ma wang like a fist
lethargic lisp
timed out smoked out curvy bliss
yippie yippie ki yi yi hit the birds and..
spurious short on glorious
sinked apple papple snapple lust
flying pandas and monkey dust
out of options
make it work were ya got ones
I'm long gone regenerate guns
Air gone
Kick on
Fish lungs
Elephants Airborne
ya i want that one
candy sun
lip smacking honey bun
rocket jester
rhyme molester
apartment complex
23,000 under the vester
apple fox fire radio tester
sneak peak
displaced meek
wacko Spackle
cheerio scenario
La monde dimes and Jolly rancher times
Jolly shines and ole man climbs
quick fat mobile squeezed with limes
look little knees
backward flying bees
Pentimenti shifted trees
Shoot out Moon out
Injected Pink Stout
Fern Gullie Central
Mexal Plexal Winged Skeletal
Rise Rage the mental
dragon bones
polka glock zones
hip swing star homes
to and fro
don't stop hit go
I'm lord of the cosmic think blow
lemonade flavor
How de do da See you later


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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