Secret Land of the Monkey Man

by Polka Glocks

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    this (Secret Land) is Polka Glocks 2nd album, be sure to check our page here at bandcamp with our complete first album: Hand Held Accordion Blasters,

    We are:
    Davy Hamburgers

    Jason Sabbides

    and Three Ninjas

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released July 1, 2011

Davy Hamburgers (David Van Amburg): Raps, Beats, Words, Guitars, Production.

Sabbides23 (Jason Sabbides): Raps, Beats, Words, Guiding Force, Cover Art.

Three Ninjas (Jason J. Brunet): Beats, Raps, Words, Musical Inspiration

thanks to Ifiok Obot, Christopher Grant Harris, Geoff B. Gibbs , kfox, Rae & Christian, and Craig Knuckles!



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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Track Name: High High General
power control
blinders on
more noise granted
to drown out songs
to stand on weak shoals
called noble goals
to gall and to win
to extend to the poles
where is the front line
when the world is the battle
sheep duly led
slaughtered as cattle
passion deemed a sin
and stretchers of truth grow bold
and grin
text lies and call for compromise as
hands under the table clean out the till
sap the public will
drowned mice with choice
illusions on the stream
canned chopped bliss
delivered with rules so strict
give them any that they want
so long as its what has been picked
only haves may sing
and celebrate their vices
haughty generals high high generals
once as privates you trod a simple line
collect your files at once
boomerang times
surf a sea of punishing fines
victims add pontoon skis
when they die recruit anew as you please
offer a bite and a noose and a treat
silken siren tweet and bleat
offer poisonous teat disarm and greet then eat
devour grind and scour
we hear rumours of unlimited power
junta junta what
kicked us
and then groans
and then silence and bones
treaty please
but first
down on knees
you know the routine
hands and heart and secrets where we see em
in order to kill them you must first just be em
and learn
in which ways they likely burn
and then spark and then sword and then plow and then chain
tie it into divine reign and eminent domain
and crush as only crushers can and allow no quarter and free no man
as the dominant clan
stars will surely follow
pinned on broad breasts stunningly hollow
haughty general high high general
cracked egg infallible on the topsy turvy wall
we wait for the fall
Track Name: Sexy Robots (Ft. Ifiok Obot)
space age
robot rage
security force
at work
bionic babe gone beserk
turn around
human clown
she said
get down
real close
metal lips on throat
raspy whisper
no lies
kissed her
no fightin
iron will
chrome hips
platinum lips
she's a
sinkin ships
pingin radar blips
singin sheets to bits
intelligent bits
lights flicker
robot eyes
she could crush you with those thighs
shaking sighs
under covers
with computer lovers
beg her please
no smotherin
give way
superior guile
impervious soul
metal grill
defer to the wise
jump a tall building
bring you down to size
the fire in your eyes

one morning had the urge
to make love to an advanced female robot
aluminum clad bionic female machine,
you can call me iObot
spoke to me in the ones and zeros
tryin to one stick my one into her zero
malfunction does not compute
my angle of approach was just not acute
rejected like a malfunctioning floppy
she wants a more advanced copy
protect the images of t1000 and optimus prime
I was just wasting for time
decisions she made in nanosecs
query denied you get no cybersex
robot bitch no heart bionic fluids
your strength is off the charts
place myself in her memory module
disguised as an acceptable robot model
she scanned me with her laser iris
the results concluded I was tagged as a virus?
norton mccaffrey showed up at the scene
iObot guess what you're getting quarrantined
screw this ctrl alt delete
end task bionic bitch you got me beat

What's up all you octo eyed muthafuckas
double bubbles
cogs and troubles
getting nasty in a silver stream
dream lean
octane glean
Rockata streamin
straight booty leanin
mixed with sex crazed robo fienden
your on my wish list
rocket pop shot zoom and miss
your gears and wires lost and messed
lisp and candy crisp
flaming hot blue metal tips
kick the lamp shades off
rubbing on plastic hips
robo motor make me bolder
your juicy electric soldier
A sky pilot
a bit older
stuck in asteroids
shooting 2d boulders
put quarter in
play again
game over
a shameless chip
on a ya shoulder
clip back grab the gat
shoot a missile from ma sack
grab the stack
of potato crispy snacks
french onion double dipped
take a sip
running through shooting lasers from the hip
pot shot worlds a crock
laughing hysterically
at the misery
I reject the authority
I reject this reality
I only wanna move ma feet
to the dancing beat
dancing robo ninja streak
let loose the rigging
giggling produces wiggling in which produces booty jigglin
and so until the night is only night
only the stars are bright
lost in parts produced with electric light
Im a 23rd eternal sight
Track Name: Lifted

smoky time magic carpet ride nick of time
stupid lifelike apparitions
been slingin bits of static
methods required
fix my graphics tell it like it is
underpaid job propaganda bitches
this shit got be doubled up in stitches
glitches in the forecast for the forseeable horizon
clouds of pourin down rain awash in seas of pain
we gain
from herbals release a dose a chill
fuck your fuckin pill
rich cats its all scam
flim flam
our shit grews like yams
pleasure waves
its a fucking choky cave
serenity bliss bitch
we's away on that high shit
that fly shit
biscuit hit lizard lips
pass that god damn drank puffin please stuffin cheeze in the polka glock bank
we give thanks
we choose against shanks
smoke spliffs to shabba ranks
tougher than tanks
we close ranks
in a circle split
in the cipher tyryin to spit
live like caliphs of mean green gleams
emerald isles in my eyes I got spies
tracking your location
beautiful girl mary jade was miss jane
like deep sea foam against alabaster skin
she was a delicious swim
mermaid forbidden come unhidden at my biddin
try me on for size and purge this venom
by regular old monkeys
unawares they dont know about lifted
Im fucking gifted
Im fucking lucky
shit's been ducky


Hit this train to the north wood
right past the science of underground hood
energy blast
8 letters you can't miss
add 15
23 dis
2 times 3 fizzy hiss
engage star fusion
engine illusion
detach booster
feed the rooster
right side boozer
butternut baste up
pantie gooser
Android Please remember
Walk backwards and hit return to sender
etch this bitch
drinking schlitz
hand clenched on ma wang like a fist
lethargic lisp
timed out smoked out curvy bliss
yippie yippie ki yi yi hit the birds and..
spurious short on glorious
sinked apple papple snapple lust
flying pandas and monkey dust
out of options
make it work were ya got ones
I'm long gone regenerate guns
Air gone
Kick on
Fish lungs
Elephants Airborne
ya i want that one
candy sun
lip smacking honey bun
rocket jester
rhyme molester
apartment complex
23,000 under the vester
apple fox fire radio tester
sneak peak
displaced meek
wacko Spackle
cheerio scenario
La monde dimes and Jolly rancher times
Jolly shines and ole man climbs
quick fat mobile squeezed with limes
look little knees
backward flying bees
Pentimenti shifted trees
Shoot out Moon out
Injected Pink Stout
Fern Gullie Central
Mexal Plexal Winged Skeletal
Rise Rage the mental
dragon bones
polka glock zones
hip swing star homes
to and fro
don't stop hit go
I'm lord of the cosmic think blow
lemonade flavor
How de do da See you later
Track Name: Bigfoot Prints
Rocket rickshaw 23 claw
we three be lost in the ole dream law
chasing monsters over frozen grasslands
brass bands glass glands superfriends doin handstands
pretty hair wrapped up in headband
look out beyond she said over yon pointy peak
there be frost weave equipped cloven hoofed freaks
and lizard monsters with frightful beaks
now here no choice but spoofed
rhyme time slow cooked
slow basted well tasted but reserved, aloof
perceive the attacked
victims of dem crimes
like bites takin out of the rotted lime
Easy breezy butterfly
deep colors seen or flash light speed by
the thought is born that we aint in control
the world moves on with or without these roles
flights of fancy in polka Glock souls
A group of dreamers with extra high goals
It saddens some to even try to seek truth
taints the guy with the plain eyed sooth
yet knowing is the better half of pain
origins are fruitless
yet all the gain all the same
my past is struggle my future is bosom huddled
manifestation of my complex mind
yearning for the days of simpler times
dragged through the muck of trusty beer Stein
mystical dimension is it true can you gloam
my exact intentions from the quantum foam?
luminous extension so pretty to my eye
symphonic apprehension teach me to fly?
monster monster beyond yonder wall who is the freshest cracker of them all?
if I do it better will the record man call?
will the summit show the fall? w
ill the cloudy rain help the stall?
we've seen the better part of the tracks of it all
rhythmic scene detention
stuck right quick on our own pretension
we beat it bloody but it snapped to attention we starved it mighty but it thrived beyond comprehension
it spent like a pension
Track Name: Tribes
ill aims
get over
livin lives
...sewer rats
stuck cats
inna trap
killing time
killing blind

Jump down up down
Like a monkey hit the ground
Pound it down
Lets crown
Crazy sound
Girl gown
Hit the town
Pavement stomp
gator chomp
Hit the mix undiluted pixel flip
moon kiss
Cant control
Rock patrol
Arm hinge
Liquor binge
On the fringe
Last class
Fat ass
Mine shaft
Time raft
Kick back take a laugh
Up the gas
Lip smack
Crack attack
Look back
Kiss my sack
Sword clash
Dance track
Glad bag
Armor clad
Quasi tag
Flag and gag
Smoke a fag
Zig zag
Zebra monkey
Mango chutney

Loose goose
Flaming noose
Girls caboose
Let loose
Bird roost
Grrr woot
get the loot
What a hoot
Zoot suit
Aim and shoot
Mandrake root
Up the shoot
Doggy scoot
Cute cute
Turkey style
Naked wild
Who's lyle?
Boogie child
Slip slide
Toads ride
Bible lied
Country fried
Southern shied
End the tied
Clip clap bona fide
Glock bribe
Polka tribe
Sly stride
Rhyme tribe
Squirrel glide
Plane dive
Wolf cry
Not shy
back goodbye

missing points
dotted lines
noisy chain
shallow pockets
strippin gears
breakin sprockets
man and man
cram it in
monkey brain
breathe first
polka kids
little grace
pale faces
cold cheek
thunder fist
they exist

quick statics
bubble up
number stew
fuck you
fuck them
got fucked
monkey stays
money goes
paper trail
reap and sow
hit em low
toast and breasts
fellows jibe
smokey treats
no jive

(three ninjas)
banjo fists
like antelope wrists
these monkey lungs
good for some
if you're young
have your fun
blood and cum
smoke and yum
coke and rum
erin's bum
it comes from
still it stuns
knife and gun
you should run
but it's un
cool to flee
you and me
chained to trees
muggle please
what are these
monkey fees
you disease
ticks and fleas
gotta sneeze
weezy tease
no police
on the lease
quick release
taw lak dees
on the real
how you feel
how ya ma-
ma and dem
who ya pa
name of clem
what a gem
cel'ry stem
shunned and stemmed
by greg m.
back again
cock and hen
rocket lens
make amends
returns and sends
get the bends
till it ends

got a girl
but she dumb
it's okay
we have fun
go to school
auction pule
worship zule
during yule
vote it down
without a sound
goes around never found
but it's true
boring too
just like you

kinda gay
never loved
by either sex
that is just
what you'd expect
Track Name: Bus Stop (Vs. Geoff B. Gibbs)
missing bus in the rain and its okay
gas and dust compress in the faraway
might in that stance under layers of fat
step it up
same time
step back
a fine line of trees provide shade
some stones to toss at the gate
mostly good words available to thinkers
beyond was anybody's guess
portraits revealed a beautiful mess
fractals rescaled sing songs of dancing points
infidels regaled somberists with drunken joys
minds skipped beats as hearts dared to leap
tenses change with
gasps to greet
the fallen, impaled, broken on their feet
in the stocks
rivers beat the locks
uphill the cliffs crumble underfoot
plates drift the flow tells
core cooled beyond the pales
in the present
monkeys clutch at straws and snails sugar and spice
dragons tails
monkeys drive nails
resistance in the shadows
doubt sewn suits the seekers
insurance for questions to beget continuity
the cloud cover is thermal gratuity
striven lean
shriven gleaned
tautened mean
average bean
approximately original
questions for the engineer
benchmark sessions layered veneer sheer?
raindrop wrangler rope the falling tear
mounted dreamback riding freetrack
chewing tic tacks the wheels click clacked
the wipers whip whapped
the riders napped
the waiters sat
the standers stood
the orbit arced
the knewers knew
the grewers grew
true blue
thru and thru
Track Name: Wooden Men Burn Better Than They Dance (Vs. kfox)
what the hell good is an era with no need for poets?
we just rot useless
we sell tuna fish
if we're lucky
we're fucked see
those who care only about the beauty
have been deemed not necessary
they've perished from the vapors like sacrificial canaries
their deadliest strokes parried with ease by corporations
given favors by your saviors
flag pin lunatic rogue charlatans masquerading as public
rivaled in sneaky scale only by
so called reporters
masked veils
hide grotesque cads
they can all suck nads
the show and the showmen the shallow
and the callow
the stories of puppets in love with their shadows
none see the light as it falls on their doorstep
generals and the black ops
plotting after moonrise
get home none the richer for missing its glow
secrets are hushed even as they grow
the lines are vines connected
with traffic they start to glow
we have humming on the line we have a thrumming divine
its free for the hearing all you have to do is show
we sleep soundly on the shores of cataclysmic upheaval
for the founders forge has
us in a fearless hue
chance or prearranged dance
I couldn't give one damn
for the glorious plan
or anarchic stance
fuck you both I'm over at the funnel cake stand
run my temp up a cool hundred grand
I'ma burn you away
with solar rays and then dance
my wind will push on
slow and steady
when I'm dead and deader
still deadly
still thread meets
needles eye
51 percent nice guy
borderline on the switchover
like a science teachers hairline in 1979
pocket protector made of pleather
with taped glasses face
nerds in space
disco in a can
you can have the voting box
the power bloc and the ticking clock
I'ma dance with my man
make a song with with kfox
while you burn your own hand
while you spend what you havent
while you poison your own land
I'll be dancing at your death knell
I'll be rappin at your funeral
you can invent yourself a new hell
and stoke its fires eternal
feed its flames with your wooden nature
delight its king with your cries
burn like diamonds
burn like treason
burn like the bloodlust known to shine in your eyes
Track Name: Angel Wings (Vs. Rae & Christian)
(Davy) electric kids broke her
she was gone with the sunset
dusty rose lips
old kisses on faded photo
deco lines glimpsed
she was still solo
kept a jar of angel wings
sitting on the desk
who were the anchors?
slipped under mist
lost under wave
gone and long missed
what was that page
flipped with a twist
old cracked paper
tightly packed text
chimes from the clapper
lovely still years
lonely diamond tears
the streetlights whisper
about the ghost of young lovers
over dry leaves
at sunset
in the park by the river
the tree on the bank is framed by blue sky
if you could fly
you'd see
about fifty feet high
her name
with the name of her guy
he died at sea back in 49
sle clutches his letter
in her bed
in a room
of sweet pine
dark curtains drawn
against the sunshine
she sent hope on alone
and stayed behind with echoes
only she knows
if she still feels him close
but she shudders at midnight
under moonlight

(Jess) those who try to hold on to the finer things
the're gone
like the magic of angel wings
done to shine I hear no rhymes no more they sing
fallen is the magic of angel wings

(Jason S) I got a jar full of angel wings
And butterfly things
Electric zips and pings
Like snow in the spring
Melted lace
Who’s body walks with no face
Im covered with holiness and grace
Flying straight out of this place
Rockets into outer space
In love with heavens disgrace
My fallen mate
We stroll gorilla fate
Don the ninja counterfeiter
Transform magical shapeshifter
Samurai sword lifter
Cosmonaut space drifter
I'm a a high plains invader
An angelic wing saver
Glistening melting glacier
Receded red laser
Life works in the mystery of suns liquid blazer
This Time shifter Adorned with translucent glitter
Sits in my jar with angel wings
those who try to hold on to the finer things
the're gone
like the magic of angel wings
Track Name: Happy Was a Simple Man
happy was a simple man
didn't fuck around
with things that broke like glass
stuck instead
to the ships mast
fortunes cast
bells of brass
solid clapper met thin air
no time for debonair
when inspecting
substances down to their base note
close to their dust mote
read between lines but mostly felt
the lamps shine
a man out of time presented to decades that need him not
he slips back on the surplus cot
sipping soup from the thermos hot
there was a morning once that had him taught
of a distant babbling brook
whereupon relief and solace could be took
the teacher bid them off with declining voice
as the scratchy static lent magic touch
they slept the sleep of those with no choice
safe for the last time in the guarded clutch
sentries of unfailing eye watching the brood
bound to dissolve into all directions found
shorn of the cradles shield some barely born
before sliding into shadow or choosing lives foresworn
dipping into danger and falling beyond mourned
fading into the grey that swallows worlds full of ones
and takes them and their suns
rakes them across all distance til
they refract naught and remember nil
under such a scope our man
hid unknowing of doing any such thing
his thoughts drawn to spring
the spring on the branch and the spring in his step
the leaf on the vine
and its easily torn tip
the swing off the line
and the gun on his hip
under the cover of clouds obscuring
the scale of his size to the sum of the matter
his view smaller distracting to not crush him with weight lest he get yet flatter
and lose his shape altogether
the crux of his temper
was mettle under pressure
but soft when the going
was less than hard
this lack of clout bothered him none
he floated as the cloud
carried spore
rainy seed
the path was his home
eyed him with greed
it drained him to run the one way track
he gifted his breath hoping to feel it back
a chance is enough to quell the waver
steady as she goes, happy, a steady hand will save her
take this old ship on back to port
hold it on the line when you go past the fort
enemy fire will find you like searchers
steel yourself forward when you hear the retorts
the generals are waiting for front line reports
tell them its blazing infernos of fire scourging
sell them on the need for quick reinforcement
tell them we need alchemists for learned metallurging
grow to glow like the stars in the firmament
tell them smiths and ore for the forging
so we may know the joys of dangerous armament
fire in our folly the toys of boys scouring
the imagined regiments
dependable hives
defensible lives
we shake off the husks of spent lives
dawn to dusk moves as a flickering light
less the night spent sleeping
dreams worth keeping as tokens or tickets
stick its meaning in a book of pages remembered as turned
flick its remaining embers as ashes burned
read its intentions as behavior learned
regard its advances as a love embrace spurned
face its desires as what has been yearned
space its fires as messages upturned
smoke to the signaled
wave as it churns
on bending breeze distant
on squandered thought spent
on shining empty nothings
disappointments un-pent
Track Name: Kiss This
amiss was the business end of whats given
or got
bought or fought for
wipe the score
theres more for all and then some galore
beauty was enough
if he seemed
tough it was a
tough exterior
peelin off
self aware scare
straight in the presence
she could blag the data right
nice to sing to you in the flesh miss mccreight
it's a perfect random night
from indiana fogs
to lincolns old logs
myself I kinda dogs it but you swimmin on lighter stuff
than the average
you beamed me a new seam
genome chains
rap all night under circumstantial rains
torrential downpour of sames and ayes
speaking with the sighs
so thusly do some songs begin
soul machine echo
stamped metal from a long lost plant
soul juice needed no label no fate beyond death
soon simple shorn signs
silenced without a sin
scientific poems
stringless charity
for heathen pirate
and milquetoasts and hood toughs
lips pursed all
permanent dissolve
enough came of the
shortest small span
to intrigue the well balanced man
to wit?
to kiss??
ninja man?
skeletal ham
this bliss,
if liberties arise under sullen swollen skies
we should loose the lips with guise gripped
tightly and wines sipped slightly as equals arise
flesh held wise with gifts given as clear vision
sands away hie final notice is given
no fools suffered
meet no angel
simply a kiss
we should swift
find such solace
I've heard its a cinch
come show me your mind and also your lips if you like
then I like the sounds of this
I often miss
if you forgive the slip Ill jump from the ship and 2 radar blips
distinct may meet as a single short glimpse
meaningless length
from such dreams I draw strength
and chase them at length
the same lengths
as to sway and yaw and pitch and list
thusly may me meet this way to kiss?