Sexy Robots (Ft. Ifiok Obot)

from by Polka Glocks

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space age
robot rage
security force
at work
bionic babe gone beserk
turn around
human clown
she said
get down
real close
metal lips on throat
raspy whisper
no lies
kissed her
no fightin
iron will
chrome hips
platinum lips
she's a
sinkin ships
pingin radar blips
singin sheets to bits
intelligent bits
lights flicker
robot eyes
she could crush you with those thighs
shaking sighs
under covers
with computer lovers
beg her please
no smotherin
give way
superior guile
impervious soul
metal grill
defer to the wise
jump a tall building
bring you down to size
the fire in your eyes

one morning had the urge
to make love to an advanced female robot
aluminum clad bionic female machine,
you can call me iObot
spoke to me in the ones and zeros
tryin to one stick my one into her zero
malfunction does not compute
my angle of approach was just not acute
rejected like a malfunctioning floppy
she wants a more advanced copy
protect the images of t1000 and optimus prime
I was just wasting for time
decisions she made in nanosecs
query denied you get no cybersex
robot bitch no heart bionic fluids
your strength is off the charts
place myself in her memory module
disguised as an acceptable robot model
she scanned me with her laser iris
the results concluded I was tagged as a virus?
norton mccaffrey showed up at the scene
iObot guess what you're getting quarrantined
screw this ctrl alt delete
end task bionic bitch you got me beat

What's up all you octo eyed muthafuckas
double bubbles
cogs and troubles
getting nasty in a silver stream
dream lean
octane glean
Rockata streamin
straight booty leanin
mixed with sex crazed robo fienden
your on my wish list
rocket pop shot zoom and miss
your gears and wires lost and messed
lisp and candy crisp
flaming hot blue metal tips
kick the lamp shades off
rubbing on plastic hips
robo motor make me bolder
your juicy electric soldier
A sky pilot
a bit older
stuck in asteroids
shooting 2d boulders
put quarter in
play again
game over
a shameless chip
on a ya shoulder
clip back grab the gat
shoot a missile from ma sack
grab the stack
of potato crispy snacks
french onion double dipped
take a sip
running through shooting lasers from the hip
pot shot worlds a crock
laughing hysterically
at the misery
I reject the authority
I reject this reality
I only wanna move ma feet
to the dancing beat
dancing robo ninja streak
let loose the rigging
giggling produces wiggling in which produces booty jigglin
and so until the night is only night
only the stars are bright
lost in parts produced with electric light
Im a 23rd eternal sight


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011
I sampled a song called "sex computer" by a band called "artefact" to make the beat.



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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