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ill aims
get over
livin lives
...sewer rats
stuck cats
inna trap
killing time
killing blind

Jump down up down
Like a monkey hit the ground
Pound it down
Lets crown
Crazy sound
Girl gown
Hit the town
Pavement stomp
gator chomp
Hit the mix undiluted pixel flip
moon kiss
Cant control
Rock patrol
Arm hinge
Liquor binge
On the fringe
Last class
Fat ass
Mine shaft
Time raft
Kick back take a laugh
Up the gas
Lip smack
Crack attack
Look back
Kiss my sack
Sword clash
Dance track
Glad bag
Armor clad
Quasi tag
Flag and gag
Smoke a fag
Zig zag
Zebra monkey
Mango chutney

Loose goose
Flaming noose
Girls caboose
Let loose
Bird roost
Grrr woot
get the loot
What a hoot
Zoot suit
Aim and shoot
Mandrake root
Up the shoot
Doggy scoot
Cute cute
Turkey style
Naked wild
Who's lyle?
Boogie child
Slip slide
Toads ride
Bible lied
Country fried
Southern shied
End the tied
Clip clap bona fide
Glock bribe
Polka tribe
Sly stride
Rhyme tribe
Squirrel glide
Plane dive
Wolf cry
Not shy
back goodbye

missing points
dotted lines
noisy chain
shallow pockets
strippin gears
breakin sprockets
man and man
cram it in
monkey brain
breathe first
polka kids
little grace
pale faces
cold cheek
thunder fist
they exist

quick statics
bubble up
number stew
fuck you
fuck them
got fucked
monkey stays
money goes
paper trail
reap and sow
hit em low
toast and breasts
fellows jibe
smokey treats
no jive

(three ninjas)
banjo fists
like antelope wrists
these monkey lungs
good for some
if you're young
have your fun
blood and cum
smoke and yum
coke and rum
erin's bum
it comes from
still it stuns
knife and gun
you should run
but it's un
cool to flee
you and me
chained to trees
muggle please
what are these
monkey fees
you disease
ticks and fleas
gotta sneeze
weezy tease
no police
on the lease
quick release
taw lak dees
on the real
how you feel
how ya ma-
ma and dem
who ya pa
name of clem
what a gem
cel'ry stem
shunned and stemmed
by greg m.
back again
cock and hen
rocket lens
make amends
returns and sends
get the bends
till it ends

got a girl
but she dumb
it's okay
we have fun
go to school
auction pule
worship zule
during yule
vote it down
without a sound
goes around never found
but it's true
boring too
just like you

kinda gay
never loved
by either sex
that is just
what you'd expect


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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