Wooden Men Burn Better Than They Dance (Vs. kfox)

from by Polka Glocks

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what the hell good is an era with no need for poets?
we just rot useless
we sell tuna fish
if we're lucky
we're fucked see
those who care only about the beauty
have been deemed not necessary
they've perished from the vapors like sacrificial canaries
their deadliest strokes parried with ease by corporations
given favors by your saviors
flag pin lunatic rogue charlatans masquerading as public
rivaled in sneaky scale only by
so called reporters
masked veils
hide grotesque cads
they can all suck nads
the show and the showmen the shallow
and the callow
the stories of puppets in love with their shadows
none see the light as it falls on their doorstep
generals and the black ops
plotting after moonrise
get home none the richer for missing its glow
secrets are hushed even as they grow
the lines are vines connected
with traffic they start to glow
we have humming on the line we have a thrumming divine
its free for the hearing all you have to do is show
we sleep soundly on the shores of cataclysmic upheaval
for the founders forge has
us in a fearless hue
chance or prearranged dance
I couldn't give one damn
for the glorious plan
or anarchic stance
fuck you both I'm over at the funnel cake stand
run my temp up a cool hundred grand
I'ma burn you away
with solar rays and then dance
my wind will push on
slow and steady
when I'm dead and deader
still deadly
still thread meets
needles eye
51 percent nice guy
borderline on the switchover
like a science teachers hairline in 1979
pocket protector made of pleather
with taped glasses face
nerds in space
disco in a can
you can have the voting box
the power bloc and the ticking clock
I'ma dance with my man
make a song with with kfox
while you burn your own hand
while you spend what you havent
while you poison your own land
I'll be dancing at your death knell
I'll be rappin at your funeral
you can invent yourself a new hell
and stoke its fires eternal
feed its flames with your wooden nature
delight its king with your cries
burn like diamonds
burn like treason
burn like the bloodlust known to shine in your eyes


from Secret Land of the Monkey Man, released July 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Polka Glocks

Polka Glocks are a hip hop & pop group. members are Davy Hamburgers, Sabbides23, Three Ninjas, Libee AKA Geoffnet, & many special friends collaborating.

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